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Alessi Mandarin Citrus Squeezers - Quirky Designs, Functional Tools

If you ever wanted to see variety in design on display, look no farther than Alessi orange squeezers. The catalog contains more unique models than you would ever have thought possible. Fortunately, there are many artists who went beyond what was merely possible to arrive at the outstanding.The Juicy Salif is the perfect example. Its appearance is as unusual as its name. Some may see it as a three-legged bug. Others will think it resembles an attack ship from Star Wars. Whatever your interpretation, rest assured that this Alessi citrus juicer is anything but destructive.At the same time, designer Philippe Starck has provided a sturdy, straightforward tool that will extract every drop. When you're done Alessi's Salif Juicer becomes a stellar object d'art for the countertop.Want something a little more traditional in appearance? Done. Consider the Anselmo (#85). With a classic juice producer and strainer set above a collecting cup and all made of 18/10 stainless steel, you have the perfect kitchen implement. Yet...


Learning The Art Of Cocktail Mixing

If you are someone who believes that making and mixing a quality cocktail involves pouring a random amount of different alcoholic drinks into a large vessel, then following this by giving it a quick stir or shake and then topping it off with a small paper umbrella and some sliced fruit garnish, then my friend you are seriously mistaken and are doing the world of cocktails a massive disservice.If it is your wish to enter into and progress your career as a top cocktail mixologist, then it is absolutely fundamental to your progression that you not only recognise and understand that there is more to great cocktail mixing than you think but that you actually act upon this knowledge.Cocktails can be stirred, on the rocks, shaken, neat, straight up, with a kick or dirty.It does not matter how you order yours as there is a universal constant and that is, everyone loves a well mixed cocktail.It has been said that cocktails have inspired poets, famous artists, world leaders, a specific style of dress and the imaginatio...


Cool Drink and Beverage Ideas for the Summer

Summer is a favorite and popular season for most people. The sun, the sand, the beach and the parties are something most people look forward to. Summer vacations are full of fun and trips that refresh and rejuvenate the spirit. Summer is also the best time to have the coolest drinks around. Whether for fun parties on the beach or for some family fun with sweet fruity drinks, the hot weather will truly require some of the coolest drinks. There are many alcoholic drinks available and mixing them is easy. Although the simplest thing to do is buy a few packs of beer, it is really not that much harder to make your own drinks. For the beach, you can make tasty, refreshing, and enjoyable drinks that you can share with family and friends. Sex on the Beach is made of equal parts of cranberry juice and orange juice, plus add half a part of peach schnapps and almost two parts vodka. Sangria is an equally great tasting drink, but without the mixing because the drink is readily available in grocery or liquor stores. Sum...


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