Alessi Mandarin Citrus Squeezers - Quirky Designs, Functional Tools

If you ever wanted to see variety in design on display, look no farther than Alessi orange squeezers. The catalog contains more unique models than you would ever have thought possible. Fortunately, there are many artists who went beyond what was merely possible to arrive at the outstanding.

The Juicy Salif is the perfect example. Its appearance is as unusual as its name. Some may see it as a three-legged bug. Others will think it resembles an attack ship from Star Wars. Whatever your interpretation, rest assured that this Alessi citrus juicer is anything but destructive.

At the same time, designer Philippe Starck has provided a sturdy, straightforward tool that will extract every drop. When you're done Alessi's Salif Juicer becomes a stellar object d'art for the countertop.

Want something a little more traditional in appearance? Done. Consider the Anselmo (#85). With a classic juice producer and strainer set above a collecting cup and all made of 18/10 stainless steel, you have the perfect kitchen implement. Yet it still offers a superb appearance and easy clean up. That combination of beauty and utility is a hallmark of Alessi.

For yet another example, take a classic design and enclose it in a white, thermoplastic housing designed by Giovannoni Stefano. Set the juicing components atop a polished stainless steel case. Provide an electric motor to make your squeezing effortless. Add a clean, stylish spout that pours your juice straight into a handy cup you place below. Voila! You have the Alessi SG63 Electric Citrus Squeezer.

From that same innovative designer comes the Alessi Mandarin (ASG31), a citrus Squeezer with Goblet. This quirky design offers both a juice strainer and a cup to hold the juice, forming a complete juice squeezing system. The humorous styling makes this the perfect addition to your collection.

Naturally, you'll need something to hold those lemons, oranges, and other fruits before they go into the citrus squeezer. Alessi has provided a whole range of citrus baskets in their catalog, every one as delightful as the next.

One outstanding model - Alessi's Citrus Basket 370 - offers an open set of loops on a mirrored base that is both highly functional and extremely attractive. At a full 22 cm in diameter and 22.5 cm high, this basket will hold several fruits. It will also provide a minimalist piece of decor that fits right in with your other fine kitchen implements.

For a more abstract design, but one just as utilitarian, consider the delightful Blow Up Citrus Basket. Resembling a piece of abstract sculpture, this superb Fratelli fruit basket is both a work of art and a completely practical kitchen device. At 36 cm wide x 31.5 cm high, it will hold enough fruit for a small luncheon party.

Alessi has spent decades developing a catalog that contains lovely and practical citrus squeezers to suit every possible individual taste. And, after all, isn't that what it's all about?


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