Alessi Cocktail Shakers - From Classic to Contemporary

Alessi cocktail shakers run the gamut from classic to contemporary. You may prefer simple, or your tastes may run to the superb designs of Baroque artists. But you can always find what you're looking for in the Alessi catalog.

The classic polished stainless steel (#870, in various sizes), designed by Mazzeri Carlo and Massoni Luigi, is plain. But the word "plain" here means anything but "boring". It means "plainly beautiful", "plainly elegant", or, in short, just plain supreme.

If the exotic is your preference, fear not. You are different and your selection of mixed drink implements should reflect that, like all your selections. Explore the distinctly different Alessi Chiringuito cocktail shaker.

More than just an unusual name, this lovely piece of drink mixing sculpture (designed by Arad Ron and Gozzi Alberto) will add a touch of the abstract to your home. At the same time it's the perfect utilitarian object for its purpose. That combination is rare. Like you.

Equally unusual, and wholly different from the Chiringuito shaker is the Alessi 90021. True, it's just a number. But take a look and you'll see this one-of-a-kind design wasn't just stamped out on a press. It is an impressive, distinctive work of art by Stave Sylvia.

The mirror-polished stainless steel body and functional spout offer superb practicality. Yet, this model is so lovely you'll never be tempted to hide it away in the bar. Display it proudly on the countertop where it is sure to become a topic of conversation as you enjoy your drink.

We're not forgetting that you will need a way to measure your ingredients, either. The simple L 865 may look just a tiny pair of cups glued back to back. But look closer and you'll see a tool that one might find in a museum. Its 18/10 stainless steel body ensures easy clean up and long wear. The highly polished exterior adds a shine to the dcor. Here again we see that theme of functional beauty.

For that same classic style combined with the American touch, consider the Alessi Boston shaker. Oh, yes, you will have visions of the 1950s when making a cocktail was an art. But you'll also see how truly up-to-the minute is this fine container, thanks to an elegant mirror-polished exterior, satin finished on the inside.

Get everything you need in one box with the Il bar Alessi, containing the Boston shaker, a strainer, and a mixing rod. The trio combines the best of American classic design with European sensibility. The strainer is more than just a utility. It is a piece of decorative art that serves a purpose. The mixing rod, which might have gone unnoticed if it were just a plain stick, was given an artistic life by its designer. The result? Magnifico.

Transform your cocktail mixing from a mundane exercise of combining ingredients into an elegant adventure. Peruse the whole line of cocktail shakers by Alessi and utensils and you'll soon see for yourself just how to do that.


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