Alessi Wine Corkscrews - More Than Just a Sommelier's Tool!

One of the joys of designers is taking a simple theme and producing a hundred variations on it. The Alessi corkscrew bottle opener catalog contains samples galore of that simple truth. There are designs to add elegance to the kitchen and some to create humor in the den. Wherever you open your wine, there is a style perfect for you.

One evening you may be feeling wise and scholarly. The Alessi Socrates corkscrew becomes your ideal choice. The form is by Morrison Jasper, but the substance is all Alessi. Made from 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel, it's more than a mere utilitarian device. It is a work of art that will make you feel like a philosopher king.

Elsewhere, you may not be in the mood to be waited on hand and foot. The Alessi Anna G. corkscrew is the next best thing. In various colors and made from chrome-plated zamak, this delightful tool lets you be your own sommelier without feeling like a servant.

The style is derived from a statue erected in Bremen, Germany in 1996. The Anna G design was quickly adapted to a number of consumer goods. Select this corkscrew and you'll be on your way to joining Anna's large 'fan club'.

Still, Anna may need a companion in order to avoid loneliness. Consider mating her with an Alessandro M. corkscrew. It comes in a variety of colors (red, blue, yellow, and mixed), each as fun as the next. Have a laugh while you open your wine. This tool will delight even serious sommeliers.

Of course, there are always those days when you want to say Now you can let your corkscrew say it for you in the most elegant way with this outstanding design from the Alessi catalog. Mirror polished stainless steel topped with minimalist melamine plastic ensures that your wine opening experience is both lovely and efficient.

If that bottle didn't do the trick, imagine a trip to the tropics. Take along your Alessi Parrot corkscrew and let it do your squawking. Decorated in black or bright blue, it won't let you know when to open your bottle. But it will make the whole experience much more relaxing.

Consider the bright green Parrot corkscrew instead or go all out for the multi-colored Proust. It's better than taking along a fine novel on your vacation. This cast aluminum corkscrew will generate lots of dinner conversation all by itself.

But if you happen to be scouring the Alessi catalog for the ultimate in sophistication for your corkscrew choice, please consider the Smoki Christiani. Saying it is made from shell-moulded cast aluminum makes it sound mundane. Yet one look will tell you this is not just a wine opening device - it is a work of art you will want to buy for others to admire.

Selecting a corkscrew could rightly be considered a mundane task. Turn it into an adventure. Lift your spirits and improve your decor by spending a few minutes reviewing the Alessi corkscrew bottle opener catalog. You'll find that you are not just selecting a sommelier's tool, but a tiny sculpture that will add beauty to your home.


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